Class Description / Dress Code

 "Just for Fun" Recreational Classes

Students enrolled in Central City's "Just for Fun" Recreational Classes may enroll in as many or as few classes as they wish. These students perform in our entertaining end-of-the-year recital. Classes are always jammed pack with excitement & fun. This program runs from September through June and requires a recital costume, dance shoes and possible costume accessories.

Competitive Team Program

Central City's award-winning Performance Team program is designed with the serious dancer in mind. Students in this program enroll in multiple classes per week, compete at the regional and national level, perform at community events, on cruise linesand in multiple shows during our end-of-year recital. Students must audition for placement during the summer.

All Dance apparel, shoes & accessories may be purchased at Downstage Dancewear.

Dance Class Descriptions & Dress Code

Preschool Ballet (ages 3-4) Dance classes for young students are tailored to meet their developmental needs according to their age. This class explores both the creative and physical dimensions of each child as they gain awareness of music, rhythm, and movement. Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression. Creativity is emphasized to encourage the artistic exploration of movement and allow the child's natural talent and skills to be discovered. Children will develop rhythm, motor skills, balance and coordination while learning the fundamentals of ballet. Through classroom activities, children refine motor skills and develop the creative process through the use of props, games and imagery.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights.  Skirts & tutus are welcome
Shoes:  Pink Leather Ballet shoes.  Sansha brand prefered

Preschool Tap (ages 3-4) Children will have fun while learning basic tap technique. Children will learn and explore the wide range of rhythmic possibilities through games and dance exercises. Preschool tap works with simple rhythmic skills and builds on these skills to incorporate directional changes and improve coordination. This important class will assist your preschooler in developing balance, coordination, rhythm & timing.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights.  Skirts & tutus are welcome
Shoes:  Bloch black Mary Jane Tap shoes

All Boys Hip Hop (ages 9-12) Think dance is just for girls? Think again! Both Hip Hop and Tap are dance forms requiring dynamic strength and pristine athleticism. Hip Hop and Tap Dance can be seen in popular music videos, in television commercials and in the movies. Some of today's most popular athletes enroll in dance classes to increase flexibility and develop coordination and strength.

Dress Code:  Athletic wear
Shoes:  Clean gym shoe only worn to Hip Hop class.  NO outside shoes permitted

Adult Classes (for the "Young at Heart") Central City offers adults the unique opportunity to begin or continue their dance training in an environment that encourages them to be challenged and explore their movement potential. Classes include Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary & Ballet and are available to adults interested in dance for recreation and/or competition. Optional 8 week program or recital performance is available.

Attire: Athletic wear
See Dance subject for shoe requirements

Hip Hop (ages 5-adult) Hip Hop is a contemporary form of dance combining some of today's high-energy "street style" movements like jazz, funk, and break-dance. Typically performed to "popular music", this style of dancing can be seen in movies, television commercials and music videos. Sought after by pre-teens, teens, and the "young at heart", the style boasts that everyone is capable of having fun while moving at a fast pace.

Dress Code:  Athletic wear
Shoes:  Black Balera Jazz Shoes  NO outside shoes permitted

Lyrical (ages 7-18) *Ballet required This class is designed for the student that enjoys both Jazz and Ballet. It instills the same principals but is an expressive form of dance conveying many emotions and innovative movements. This form of dancing can be seen on the hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance".
* Ballet is required.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights or dance shorts
Shoes:  Any color Capezio Foot thongs
(Nude color is required for recital)

Jazz (ages 5-adult) Jazz dance, primarily based in ballet technique, is a form of dance commonly used in Broadway shows and movies. The essence of Jazz dance is a highly entertaining form of movement that is easy to understand and enjoy. This form of dance develops style, strength, flexibility, coordination and technique.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights or dance shorts
Shoes:  Black Balera Jazz shoe

Tap (ages 5-adult) A form of dance where rhythmic and syncopated sounds are created by clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician. Tap dance teaches a sense of rhythm, timing and precision.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights or dance shorts
Shoes:  Black Bloch Tap shoe

Ballet (ages 5-adult) Ballet is a disciplined form of dance that instills poise, grace, body placement, strength and flexibility. Ballet classes concentrate on techniques taught at the ballet barre and in the center floor. Some famous Ballets include Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty.

Dress Code:  Any color leotard & tights or dance shorts.  Skirts & tutus are welcome
Shoes:  Sansha or Elastosplit pink Ballet shoe

Leaps & Turns Technique This class concentrates on the technical aspects of leaping, jumping, and turning. This technical class focuses on exercises performed in the center of the classroom and through progressions learned across the floor. The student develops balance, strength, coordination, elevation and body alignment.

Dress Code:  Black leotard & pink Capezio tights or dance shorts
Shoes:  Balera black Jazz shoe

Fitness Class Descriptions

Yoga A flow based yoga class suitable to all levels. We will build on our practice each week to help you increase strength and flexibility. Modifications are always taught so that the class can accommodate people new to yoga along with those with an established yoga practice. Never feel intimidated to start, we offer a comfortable environment so anyone can come and experience the benefits of yoga.

Attire: Yoga pant or any dance or athletic apparel
Shoes: Barefoot
A Yoga Mat is suggested

ZUMBA Fitness (ages 18+) ZUMBA is a fusion of Latin & International music combined with dance fitness moves to create a dynamic & effective cardiovascular and toning workout for ages 18+. Taught by a certified ZUMBA instructor.

Attire: Any dance or athletic apparel
Shoes: Clean pair of supportive gym shoes worn only inside.  NO outside shoes permitted